Louis Rust Student
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Completed projects Projects that are completed and polished.
ZooQuest View

An interactive game designed to teach children about the basics of taking care of animals.

Collaborative project for Simulation & Serious Game design at Flinders University

Session View

A simple frontend for a customisable web store.

First practical assessment task for Digital Technologies

In development Projects I am currently working on.
ESP32 Mesh

A proof-of-concept mesh communication interface using ESP32 boards. Includes physical USB device, NodeJS program to allow use with computer, and browser user interface.

Major assessment task for Industry & Entreprenerial solutions.

Future projects Projects I will be working on in the future.
Review analysis

A webapp for automatically performing bulk keyword analysis on a large number of app or product reviews to find trends, areas of importance, etc.

Collaborative project for Digital Technologies.

Spotify DMX

A webapp for creating automated light shows for spotify tracks using the DMX protocol. Allows for custom functions, sequences, banks, presets, etc.

Major assessment project for Digital Technologies.

Retired projects Projects that I have completed in the past, however are not polished and are not being maintained.

A full-stack social network website. Built with EJS, JQuery, NodeJS and MongoDB.

Major task for Digital Technologies (completed in year 10).

Projection mapping

A python script for transforming and displaying videos to project to surfaces of real-world objects.

Major task for Integrated Learning (completed in year 11).